Welcome to ThinkerHub | Information University

I would like to welcome you to the site!  In this post I’d like to introduce you to the initial components of this website and how I would like them to be used, ThinkerHub reserves the right to edit or remove any content posted here to help quality assurance with or without your permission at our own digression.  So let’s get into it.  First and foremost I am going to introduce the website from left to right as it is in the navigation menu.


This one is pretty self-explanatory but for those of you that do not know, no matter where you are on this site this button will direct you straight to the home page.


This page will be updated as much as possible but it will detail any and all services that our website offers and it’s a tool for you to use to learn about what we are all about.


This link will take you to the page that lists activity through out the website with all of it’s members.  It is the place to get the latest updates that have been made by every user on ThinkerHub.  For those of you who enjoy the newest information, this will be the place for you.


This is a list of all members on ThinkerHub, here you can search for individual members or simply look through their content that they have shared by clicking their names.  This page will update as often as there are new people joining, so spread the word about us because we are projecting to see great daily growth and this page will basically summarize that!


Here is where new members can go to set up their accounts with us.


This is where you activate your profile by pasting your activation key in the box provided.

User Links

This is where various forms of media are to be posted to the site via URL.  This option gives users the ability to link to articles that they find useful, also a way to upload images, videos, files, etc.


This site will be changing periodically where it is a new start up and I apologize for any bugs, post in the forums if you have any questions or email me at admin@thinkerhub.org and I will respond as quickly as possible.  We are here to promote education and we have high hopes for ThinkerHub and hope to offer many new products to you day by day.  Knowledge is power and we have the right to know as much as possible, as long as everyone shares a lot about the little we know, we all become more intelligent.  Please stay tuned for further information and updates.